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The Language of Astrology

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What is Astrology?  Astrology can be defined as a language.  It is the metaphysical language of the planets and stars and the study of how they move around the cosmos.  Astrologers study and track the movements and relative positions of these celestial bodies and then interpret their influence and meaning on human affairs and the collective, physical and natural world.  There are many branches of astrology.  I practice Hellenistic Astrology (also referred to as Ancient Astrology) which dates back to 150 BCE with its origins in Mesopotania, Babylonia, Egypt and Greece.  It is the more predictive form of Astrology active in the world today.  We study the position of the seven traditional planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in your birth chart and translate all the information they tell about your life.


Your birth chart provides us with a wealth of knowledge about ourselves.  When we come to understand the language of our birth charts, it promotes growth and change in our lives.  These understandings include a basic understanding of our talents, abilities and strengths, our life's meaning and purpose, insights into life's challenges, a deep understanding of important dimensions in life such as career and vocational needs, relationship needs, health, finances and our major life cycles.  It is a language that an astrologer can translate for you.


The goal of the practicing astrologer is to uncover the meaning of the birth chart.  We are here to give insights about themes and activities in a person's life that will help them to live meaningful and purposeful existance.  Our work as a consulting astrologer is to translate the essentials about the life.

What if I told you that there are seven traditional personal planets, each one that plays a different note, vibrates a different tune in certain areas of your life.  What if I could interpret to you why certain notes that represent certain themes in your life play in tune or are flat or sharp? 

What if I told you these themes included the Self, finances and possessions, your neighborhood, private home life and where you came from, your joys and passions, service and illness, relationships, death, God, career, close friends and that monastic place where you go to retreat and reflect? Wouldn't it be easier if we were in harmony with our life?



Beautiful Luna, Queen of the Night Sky, glides across the dark, star sprinkled sky shinning Her gifts down upon the Earth and its creatures.  She moves about in the back drop of darkness dressed in different gowns each night bringing us messages from the sign she is visiting.  Each phase has meaning and the two most important phases are the phase you were born in and the phase you are in right now.  With insight into each of these phases, cycles and the sign She enters, you will be able to transform your life.  The Moon sets the tone of the day and when you know where She is and in what sign She is the guest of you can get a sense of the feel, general attitude and mood of that day.  The sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth describes what motivates you, how you express your feelings and how you nurture and need nurturing, your primary emotional needs and describes your daily habits.


Astrology is an extraordinary tool for self discovery.  When you are filled with questions about your life astrology can put things in order and show you the reason why certain things happened or why you feel or act a certain way.   It can shine a light on inner contradictions and natural strengths. The birth chart is a guide, a fated map to self-understanding that never stops revealing new layers of insight.  I am a Practitioner and life-long student of Hellenistic Astrology.  Through reading your natal birth chart I can uncover for you questions about many facets of your life such as your finances, romantic life, career, friends, the phase of the Moon you were born under, where the planets are right now and how they affecting you by activating certain areas of your life.

"For all its complexity, however, astrology remains fundamentally simple. It offers a time-honored system of symbols that sum up key aspects of human life while providing profound insights and practical guidance." ANNE M. NORDHAUS-BIKE

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How I Can Help You

Get a Birth Chart Reading

Treat yourself by discovering a wealth of knowledge about yourself through your very special, unique birth chart.  This will promote personal growth and literally change your life by opening up your awareness and understanding of your life's purpose and meaning.

Schedule a Sound Healing Session

Healing sound instruments, emit healing vibrations.  The union of specific frequencies and harmonic resonance of the Earth can have a deeply powerful affect on the mind, body and soul.   I can guide you to a sound experience emitted through the magic of these healing vibrations. Lay back  and enjoy the magic of these healing waves.

Get a Moon Phase Reading

The two most important moon phases is the phase you were born in and the phase you are in right now. Discover what phase of the Moon you were born under to better understand what drives your soul.  Discover where the Moon is at the time, what She is trying to tell you about the areas of your life she is speaking of.

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