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Handmade Artwork for Your  



My Artwork

I create soulful art in acrylics, water color, charcoal, ink of a variety of mediums, such as canvas, bottles, wood, stones and just about anything I find that has a surface I can paint on.  Painting for me is another form of meditation.  See my work for sale on Instagram and Facebook.


Handmade Rattles

Rattles are shamanic tools used all over the world with rich ancient tradition that have power and energy in healings.  Rattles are used as a communication to spirit.  The most effective tools for healing come from the Earth.  


The rattles that I make are the pods of the Royal Poinsienna tree.  I collect these pods, clean them and then hand paint them with shamanic and spiritual symbols.  The various sizes produce different sounds and are effective in healings.   See my rattles for sale on Instagram and Facebook.

PRICE - $35

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